Interactions of Multiple Stressors

There are many factors (natural and anthropogenic) that may have detrimental or beneficial effects on any organism.  When in combination, these effects are often not predictable because the two factors interact with one another.  I’m interested in both how specific factors (such as predation and sedimentation) interact to affect organisms, as well as developing metrics to evaluate a potential interaction.


Relevant conference presentations:

Hamman, E.A. and J. Zill. Interactions of stressors in a snail-coral-crab complex. 41st Annual Benthic Ecology Meeting; Norfolk, Virginia; March 21-24, 2012

Hamman, E.A. and J. Zill. Snails and Sediment: The Effect of Multiple Stressors on Coral Growth. 92nd Western Society of Naturalists Annual Meeting; Vancouver, Washington; November 10-13, 2011.