Rift Valley Fever and Early Disease Detection

This is work I conducted with my IGERT Cohort, Vincent Cannataro, Jake FergusonAndres Garcia, and Jessica Langebrake, with our advisors, Maia Martcheva and Craig Osenberg.

Rift Valley Fever is a disease that affects animals (particularly livestock) and is spread by mosquitoes.  While it is not currently in the US, many groups (such as the USDA) are worried about a possible introduction.  We studied how the disease could arrive in the US, as well as the best sampling strategies to detect the disease.

We won a public choice award for our video on the possibility of Rift Valley Fever entering the US:  http://posterhall.org/igert2013/posters/338 and published a paper on early detection of zoonotic diseases.  



Relevant Publications:

Ferguson, J.M., Langebrake, J.B., Cannataro, V., Garcia, A.J., Hamman, E.A., Martcheva, M. Osenberg, C.W. 2014.  Optimal sampling strategies for detecting zoonotic disease epidemics. PLOS Computation Biology 10(6): e1003668. (PDF)