Spatial Patterns and the Effects of Coral Damage

Corals are damaged by predators that create different scars of different sizes, shapes, and spatial patterns. It’s advantageous for the coral to heal quickly, and as a result, neighboring polyps often contribute resources to heal damage.  I’m interested in how corals (and other colonial or modular organisms) respond to different patterns of damage.

To address these questions, I use a combination of field experiments and stochastic growth models.  

Relevant Presentations:

Hamman, E.A. Spatial patterns of coral damage affect tissue regeneration, skeletal growth, and coral morphology.  100thAnnual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America; Baltimore, MD; August 9-14, 2015

*Hamman, E.A., The effect of damage distribution on coral tissue regeneration ,skeletal growth and coral morphology. Odum School of Ecology Graduate Student Symposium; Athens, GA; January 16-17, 2015

*awarded 2nd Place Best PhD Talk